Another Split-Weekend And Another Potential Big Storm

Another split weekend is in the forecast! Highs near 50 on Saturday with SE wind between 10-20mph, the pick day of our weekend! Come Sunday, another storm system will bring scattered rain mixed with snow at times to the valley. Depending on the exact timing and speed, we could be looking at some snow accumulations either in the morning/evening or Sunday night. Temperatures will again be close to freezing, so we will be keeping a close eye on this storm. Windy conditions are not expected, but a few inches of snow look possible.

As for next week, we're keeping a very close eye on a mid-week storm. We start the week off mild, high temperatures in the upper 40's to near 50 on Monday and Tuesday. There is a slight chance for some isolated rain showers and 10-20 mph winds on both days. A more significant storm system is forecasted to arrive on Wednesday. This storm looks capable of bringing in wind even stronger than our last storm, gusting up to the 60 mph range again. Likely starting as rain and then turning over to heavy wet snow! The path of this storm is still up in the area, but it does look to bring impactful weather to either the Dakotas or Minnesota, with the potential for a severe weather outbreak through the Central and Southern Plains. Keep up to date on the forecast for next week as this storm comes more into focus as it looks like it could deliver a heavy punch to the area. After that storm, it does look like a second storm could be possible that weekend.

We have re-entered the stormy pattern of the LRC, and these storms are falling right on schedule. So as we head through April, it does look like we will see multiple storm systems with an active pattern. Some smaller and a couple of big ones. Regarding the potential big storms, these look to hit on the 13/14th,16th, 20-22nd, 25th, and 27th. If these pan out, it would be beneficial for moisture in the ground for the ag community, but it may also translate to snow into mid-April.

Our LRC outlook for spring and summer is on April 27th. Meteorologist Dean Wysocki, Gary Lezak, AG Director Bridgette Readel, and myself will discuss what the LRC is and what it says about the following months through summer and relate that to the agriculture community and to you! Please mark your calendars and join us at 7:30 PM CDT on April 27th until 9:00 PM CDT on WDAY radio and The Flag!


Justin Storm