Quiet weather with minimal rain chances and the NEW LRC

Many areas saw their first frost this morning.  Was it a killing frost, for many no so the growing season goes on!!  Outside of some LIGHT rain on Friday, we have a very quiet weather pattern that will spread over the Valley into Lakes country over the next 10 days.   Our upper level winds will be coming from the NW and typically a NW flow will bring dry and seasonal temps to our area in the fall.   The rainfall map shows rainfall potential over the next 10 days.  As you can see, not a whole lot in the N. Plains and all of that will fall on Friday leaving the rest of the outlook DRY.   A major hurricane is expected to move into the Gulf late next week into the weekend.  Could this impact OUR weather??  It basically would put a "block" to the weather we are having, which looks to be nice.  Once the hurricane moves inland, this may turn into a large Nor'easter and possibly drag down some cold air during the 1st week in October....but all signs are pointing to a brief warm up afterwards.    We are almost ready to start the NEW cycle of the LRC.   The brand new cycle will start the first week in October.  Each year is different and each year produces a different cycle length.  If we have a stormy Oct/Nov it's a good bet for a snowy winter.....stay tuned.   


If you have any weather questions, let us know!!!    weatheratflagfamily [dot] com


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki


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