Snowiest December on record??

Oh JOY more snow on the way???  Yeah, there was a drip of sarcasm there.  I'll admit I like the snow, you know to ski, snowmobile....all the outdoor stuff but it's getting redundant!!  If you are wondering how snowy has this December been?  Well, it the SNOWIEST START to the month of December on record for Fargo.  We've picked up 28.1" of snow through the 26th making it  the snowiest start to the month.  The SNOWIEST December on record goes back to 2008 with 33.5" for  the month.  We need 5 1/2" before the month is done to make it the SNOWIEST December on record for Fargo.....what the heck....lets DO IT!!! 

We do have a chance as we have a storm system riding into the area on Thu/Fri of this week with a chance for snow.  I've attached a few maps, one from the European model and one from the American model.  Both paint a swath of snow over the area Thu/Fri amounting to about 3-6".   These Colorado lows are always something to keep an eye on.    According to the LRC, this is the same system that rolled through here in November bringing 2 ft of snow to Bismarck.  It looks to come through in a "weakened" version this time around.  Stormy conditions look to stick around through early next week with another storm possible.   Happy shoveling!!!  


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki


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