Returning Wildfire Smoke

It wouldn’t quite be summer without the wildfire smoke, right?

As summer continues so do areas catching fire across the United States and Canada. Wildfires in Alaska and recent additional fires in Canada are set to send smoke back into the Northern Plains over the next week. Depending on containment, size, and duration of fires smoke may become a regular talking point again with additional fires in the Pacific Northwest, California, and the Desert Southwest. Our general upper-level wind flow is coming from the northwest right now and that will drag smoke/haze across  ND, SD, and MN for the next couple of days. Even when our winds switch out of the southwest, which would normally bring relief from Canadian wildfire smoke. Western and Desert SW wildfires may plume some smoke back into the area. Now I’m not saying it’s going to be overly smoky for a prolonged period but the potential for smoke and haze is increasing for the next week as more wildfires start to and continue to burn. This will be something to watch over the next couple of weeks to see how fires behave.

Justin Storm

Vis. Satellite image 7/8/24

Vis. Satellite image 7/8/24 via; College of Dupage

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