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2852 Thunder Road South
Fargo, ND 58104

Business Line/Front Desk: 701-356-4220

Statewide (What's On Your Mind) Toll Free Call in line: 1-800-228-0550

24/7 Comment/Weather/News Tip Line: 855-200-1776 Ext. 5

Newsroom/Press Releases: newsatflagfamily [dot] com


Steve Hallstrom
President and Managing Partner
steveatflagfamily [dot] com

Scott Hennen
scotthatflagfamily [dot] com

Dustin Moore
General Manager
dustinatflagfamily [dot] com

Alyssa Coltom
Sales Manager
alyssa [dot] coltomatflagfamily [dot] com

On Air

Bonnie Amistadi
bonnie [dot] amistadiatflagfamily [dot] com

Kyle Cornell
News Director
kyle [dot] cornellatflagfamily [dot] com

Kevin Flynn
Senior Producer, The Need to Know Morning Show, What's on Your Mind
kevin [dot] flynnatflagfamily [dot] com

Spencer Jost
Assistant Operations Director
spencer [dot] jostatflagfamily [dot] com

James McCarty
Sports Director
james [dot] mccartyatflagfamily [dot] com

Blake Rafferty
Weather Intern
blake [dot] raffertyatflagfamily [dot] com

Bridgette Readel
Ag Director
bridgette [dot] readelatflagfamily [dot] com

Ty Schonert
News Reporter
ty [dot] schonertatflagfamily [dot] com

Justin Storm
Broadcast and Digital Meteorologist
justin [dot] stormatflagfamily [dot] com

Alex Taylor
Show Host, The Need to Know Morning Show
alex [dot] tayloratflagfamily [dot] com

Tom Tucker
Senior Reporter/Anchor
tom [dot] tuckeratflagfamily [dot] com

Dean Wysocki
Chief Meteorologist
dean [dot] wysockiatflagfamily [dot] com


Chris Larson
chris [dot] larsonatflagfamily [dot] com


Chris Berg
Show Host, The Chris Berg Show; Regional Marketing and Digital Specialist
chris [dot] bergatflagfamily [dot] com

Greg Burd
Regional Marketing and Digital Specialist
greg [dot] burdatflagfamily [dot] com

Londa Hager
Regional Marketing and Digital Specialist
londa [dot] hageratflagfamily [dot] com

Crystal Lopez
Marketing and Events Manager
crystal [dot] lopezatflagfamily [dot] com

Jeff Ogden
Creative Services
jeff [dot] ogdenatflagfamily [dot] com

Austin Roeder
Regional Marketing and Digital Specialist
austin [dot] roederatflagfamily [dot] com

Beth Sveum
Sr. Regional Marketing and Digital Specialist
beth [dot] sveumatflagfamily [dot] com


Jaime Langness
Traffic Manager
jaime [dot] langnessatflagfamily [dot] com

Digital and IT

Michael Downs
Digital Media Technician
michael [dot] downsatflagfamily [dot] com

Matt Lien
Website and Social Media Coordinator
matt [dot] lienatflagfamily [dot] com

Gabe Thomas
Director of Business Operations and Strategy
gabeatflagfamily [dot] com