Officer Ian Kristan & The Fargo Police Dept., We Salute YOU!

Our April Luther Family Ford Salute to Law Enforcement honoree is Officer Ian Kristan & The Fargo Police Dept. Officer Ian Kristan joins Steve Hallstrom to share with us about what it means to be honored for his service. Read Officer Ian Kristan 's biography below...

Officer Ian Kristan hails from Mundelein, IL, a northern suburb of Chicago. Officer Kristan moved to Fargo to attend graduate school at NDSU after graduating with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Bradley University.   

On May 13, 2019, Officer Kristan was sworn into The Fargo Police Department and was assigned to the night shift where he worked patrol from January 2020 until November 2021. 

During that time, Officer Kristan became an instructor for The Fargo Police Department where he developed his passion for training and teaching fellow officers. In November of 2021, Officer Kristan was assigned to the Training and Development Unit as a full-time instructor for our department.    

Officer Kristan is self-motivated, hard-working and dedicated to the team - always seeking new ways to improve training efficiency. Officer Kristan most recently played a key role in the research, planning and implementation of a new training format for our department that allows officers to customize a portion of their yearly training with the ability to focus on their individual career goals within The Fargo Police Department.    

In addition, Officer Kristan has played an integral role as one of the primary instructors in the Fargo Police Academy, providing foundational academy training for approximately 60 of our current officers.  Lessons learned in the academy are remembered throughout a career, and Officer Kristan has made a profound impact in shaping the current culture of our department.        On top of that, Officer Kristan also serves as a Tactical Operator on the Red River Valley SWAT Team and is a member of the Fargo PD Wellness Committee.      

Officer Kristan’s hard work and continued dedication exemplifies the department core values of Professionalism, Officer Wellness and Guardianship.    

Thank you, Officer Kristan, for all that you do for our community!

Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, April 16, 2024