Election 2024


WDAY Radio News wants you to stay informed and engaged as we bring you comprehensive coverage of local, regional, state, and national elections throughout the entire 2024 election season. From candidate profiles and debates, we're providingĀ in-depth analysis to help you make informed decisions at the polls. Our team is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on important election developments, ensuring you have the knowledge you need to participate in the democratic process.


West Fargo City Commission
2 open seats, 5 candidates
Amy Zundel
Tyler Erickson
Rory Jorgensen
John Severson
DeAnn Reed
West Fargo City Commission Debate - Monday, May 13 6pm on 970 WDAY Radio & AM 1100 the FLAG

West Fargo School Board
3 open seats, 3 candidates
Patti Stedman (i)
Trisha Page (i)
Dan Schaeffer (i)

West Fargo Park District
2 open seats, 1 candidate
Ryan Gellner (i)
'write-in candidate'

Fargo City Commission
2 open seats, 7 candidates
John Strand (i)
Arlette Preston (i)
Delson Saintal
Al Carlson
Anna Johnson
Michelle Turnberg
Nathan Pullen

Fargo School Board
4 open seats, 9 candidates
Seth Holden (i)
Nikkie Gullickson (i)
Dawn Morgan
Kristin Nelson
Allie Ollenburger
Jason Nelson
Ryan Dodd
John Campbell
Paul Mohror

Fargo Park Board
2 seats, 3 candidates
Jerry Rostad (i)
Mike Graalum
Zoe Absey

Cass County Commission
District 1
Tim Flakoll

District 3
Jim Kapitan (i)

District 5
Keith Gohdes
Marty Johnson
Joel Vettel

Department of Public Instruction
Kirsten Baesler (i)
Jim Bartlett
Darko Draganic
Jason Heitkamp

North Dakota U.S. House
Richard Grayson (independent)
Trygve Hammer (Dem)
Roland Riemers (Dem)
Alex Balazs (Rep)
Rick Becker (Rep)
Julie Fedorchak (Rep)
Sharlet Mohr (Rep)
Cara Mund (Rep)
2nd Republican Primary Debate - Thursday, June 6 6pm on 970 WDAY Radio & AM 1100 the FLAG

1st North Dakota U.S. House Republican Debate

Governor - North Dakota
Merrill Piepkorn (Dem)
Kelly Armstrong (Rep)
Tammy Miller (Rep)
Republican Primary Debate: Armstrong vs Miller - Friday, June 7 7pm on 970 WDAY Radio & AM 1100 the FLAG