Dilworth Fire Chief issues statement following firefighter imposter incident

 Photo courtesy of Dilworth Fire Department Facebook page

Dilworth Fire Chief Mark Empting says reports of firefighter imposters were inaccurate.

He says the two people involved in an incident in Dilworth on Sunday were pre-planning buildings and taking photos of buildings. One was a member of the Dilworth Fire Department, and the other was a Fire Department instructor at M-State. They were planning for an upcoming training session for the Dilworth Fire Department, and were looking at a couple of different buildings in the City of Dilworth. Empting says they did not request to enter into any apartments.

They were approached by a person that lived in the building and they spoke with this person for some time.  They explained to the person what they were doing there and who they were.  This person further requested to see their Fire Departments ID’s, which they both produced and showed to him.  They said they spoke with the individual for about 10 minutes.  The conversation took place outside of the complex and they did not request to enter into the building.