Residents in the area from Main Avenue south to the city limits, and from 8th St west to the Red River, should disconnect sump pumps from the sanitary sewer immediately and limit water usage. It is possible that backup into basements could occur without a reduction in water usage.

Questions residents may have:

• Should I plug my floor drains? At a minimum, you should monitor your drains and be prepared to plug them.
• What does my sump pump have to do with this? If your sump pump is connected to the sanitary sewer, the high usage as spring melt and additional precipitation occurs can overwhelm the sanitary system. It is critical that sump pumps drain outside at this time of year.
• Can I wash clothes? Please limit water use, washing only what is necessary at this time.
• Can I bathe or shower? Yes, but please limit your time.
 How long will this last? The flow volume is being monitored, but these limitations will be needed at least until tomorrow morning to give the system a chance to recover. Another service alert will be released when volumes return to an acceptable level. A Code Red notice may be released if flow volumes do not decrease. Please confirm your Code Red subscription is up-to-date.

Additional questions can be referred to Wastewater Treatment, 218.299.5386, extension 2.