Throughout the past week, leaders from the City of Fargo, Fargo Police Department (FPD), the City of West Fargo, the City of Moorhead, Cass County and Fargo Public Schools engaged in successful and productive discussions with the organizers of last Friday’s OneFargo event. These discussions were focused on issues people of color face each day in the metro and identified initial steps on a path to addressing these societal challenges. The City of Fargo and the Fargo Police assisted the OneFargo group in organizing the event, including providing security and logistical assistance.

Leaders of the City of Fargo and FPD engaged in further conversations this morning with a representative of the OneFargo group, as well as representatives of the Fargo-Moorhead Black Lives Matter chapter, at the representatives’ immediate request. Today’s conversation was divergent from earlier discussions with the OneFargo organizing team; it was characterized by new demands and positions that were contrary to earlier agreements. Opportunities were offered to collaborate for change, but rejected.

Attendees at today’s meeting also made several accusations against the FPD. The FPD’s Professional Standards Office (PSO) exists to investigate any submitted complaints and anyone with concerns is encouraged to utilize this avenue. Findings from PSO reviews would typically be received and acted upon by the Chief of Police.

To provide additional levels of reviews during this unprecedented process, any findings generated through PSO reviews from circumstances leading up to and including the May 30 event will be received, reviewed and acted upon by Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney, City Administration and the City Human Resources office.

The City of Fargo remains fully committed to facilitating further dialogue with all parties who have a true desire to work collaboratively to address racial inequities in the metro community.

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