On June 26, Larry Pope filed a formal complaint with our department alleging misconduct by two of our officers that allegedly occurred on June 22.  The Office of Professionals Standards (OPS) has been actively investigating this allegation.  Yesterday, July 9, our OPS and Records sergeants interviewed Mr. Pope in his home in relation to his complaint.  It is standard procedure to interview the complainant and any parties who were a part of or witnessed the alleged misconduct in order to accurately investigate the allegation.  Mr. Pope consented to having the sergeants interview him in his home.

Wess Philomme of OneFargo has expressed his unhappiness with us because we interviewed Mr. Pope without representation.  It is important to note  Mr. Pope was not being questioned regarding any crimes, nor was he in custody.  This was a normal / standard interview of someone wanting to have their complaint investigated and having some type of representation as a complainant would have been unusual.  Mr. Pope did not request any representation for the interview.

The interview produced several issues that need to be followed-up on, so the investigation will not be completed today.  We will release the findings regarding Mr. Pope's complaint when the investigation has been completed.  If anyone has information regarding the alleged misconduct, please contact Sgt. Aberle at 701.476.4189.