Baesler: Resignation Changes ND Board of Higher Ed Process


State School Superintendent Kirsten Baesler said the process of filling two openings on the state Board of Higher Education is changing because of the resignation of Greg Stemen, the board’s vice chairman.

Stemen and fellow board member Nick Hacker were both serving four-year terms that ended June 30. However, Stemen resigned Sept. 27, and Gov. Doug Burgum must appoint someone to serve the time left on Stemen’s term.

Following that, the governor must choose two members to serve new four-year Board of Higher Education terms, both of which begin July 1.

Hacker is eligible to be appointed to a second four-year term. Stemen would also have been eligible, had he not resigned. The person chosen to serve out Stemen’s term will be eligible for appointment to a full four-year term once the “short” term ends.

Baesler is chairwoman of a nominating committee that screens Board of Higher Education candidates. For each opening, it forwards a list of three possible choices to the governor. A week before Stemen’s resignation, Baesler announced that the nominating committee was seeking applications for the two Board of Higher Education terms that begin July 1.

The application deadline falls at 5 p.m. Nov. 21. The nominating committee will meet soon afterward to choose SBHE candidates to forward to the governor. Board of Higher Education appointments must be confirmed by the North Dakota Senate.