Blue Flint Celebrates One Million Hours of Safety


Midwest AgEnergy, the parent company to ethanol biorefinery, Blue Flint, near Underwood, ND is pleased to announce its employees have surpassed one million hours of safely working without a lost-time accident. A lost-time accident is defined as time lost to an employee that is injured on the job and cannot return to the next regularly scheduled shift.

The streak began on April 13, 2007. To put the one million safe work hours into context, if one person works 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, it would take about 481 years for that person to reach one million safe work hours.   This accomplishment required all 49 employees at Blue Flint making good decisions all day and all night for more than 11 years.

“I am so impressed with the employees at Blue Flint for continuously doing all the things necessary to avoid workplace injuries,” said Adam Dunlop, Director of Regulatory and Technical Services for Midwest AgEnergy. “It’s been an honor to work alongside such a caring and devoted group.  I truly believe we can safely run the biorefinery forever if we continue to adhere to our core values, pay attention to the details, and look after each other.”

“Congratulations to Blue Flint for such a momentous accomplishment,” said Bryan Klipfel, Director of Workforce Safety and Insurance. “Safety in the workplace is vital and it takes commitment, education and teamwork.”

Dakota Spirit, a Midwest AgEnergy biorefinery near Spiritwood that opened in 2015, has never had a lost-time accident.