Midwest Real Estate Data Adds Five New Members to Board of Managers


Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) is proud to announce the additions of five esteemed Illinois real estate professionals to its Board of Managers. Chad Gilbert, Ruth “Drussy” Hernandez, David Naso, and Royal Hartwig were each individually selected for Board seats through election by their peers. MRED’s existing Board also added Luigui Corral by unanimous vote to fill a vacated seat during its most recent meeting.

The election took place as part of a unique MRED initiative that allows brokerages to own their multiple listing service (MLS). MRED brokerages that become a Preferred Unit Owner (PUO) have the opportunity to run for and elect 13 of the 15 voting seats on the MRED Board of Managers, attend and vote at PUO meetings, and co-create MRED’s annual Strategic Plan.

MRED PUOs are broken down into three categories based on brokerages’ number of transactions in a year. Category 1 consists of the top 10 brokerages in MRED’s coverage area based on that transaction data, with Category 2 being brokerages ranked 11-160, and Category 3 covering the remaining firms. This allows every MRED firm to be represented on the Board, no matter its size or location.

Gilbert was elected as a Category 1 representative, Hernandez and Naso are from Category 2, and Hartwig will represent Category 3.

“This is a knowledgeable group of experienced brokers who are ready to do their part in advancing the mission of MRED to serve agents and consumers better,” said sitting Board Chair John Matthews SVP Residential Sales Baird & Warner. “It will be exciting to bring them on.”

“We’re thankful for everyone who participated in the election; this is a fantastic way for brokerages to be in control of their MLS and we’re really happy with how this process works,” said MRED President/CEO Rebecca Jensen. “This year’s electees are a wonderfully intelligent and savvy group of professionals. Bringing in new individuals with fresh perspectives is one of the many ways that MRED keeps moving forward.”

Jensen also acknowledged the outgoing members of the Board: Jeff Gregory, John Murray, Tom Poulos, and Molly Ryan. Gregory served as Chairman of the Board for 3 years, acting as MRED’s Interim President and CEO for eight months in 2015, and Ryan served as Board Secretary.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to these four incredible Board Members and I want to thank them each individually for their years of service dedicated to working for the betterment of MRED,” Jensen said. “This group has seen so much change and many exciting advancements in the industry; they handled it all thoughtfully and with the best interests of brokers in mind.”

The new Board Members will take their seats at the start of 2019.