The Grand Forks Police Department, in accordance with North Dakota State Law, is notifying the City of Grand Forks and the surrounding area of the presence of a Level III (High Risk) Sex Offender living in Grand Forks.

Justin Michael McGregor recently moved to 515 1st Ave. So, #2,  Grand Forks from  317 N. 7th Street.  McGregor has a conviction for Corruption/Solicitation of a Minor in 2010 and a Gross Sexual Imposition in 1999. The North Dakota Sex Offender Risk Assessment Committee assigned McGregor a risk level of HIGH and as a result has a LIFETIME registration requirement in North Dakota.

The Grand Forks Police Department provides for the tracking and verification of those individuals that have been convicted of sex offenses, offenses against children and those that have been adjudicated as sexually dangerous individuals.  This is accomplished through the Offender Tracking and Verification Program (OTVP). There are 111 such offenders registered with the Grand Forks Police Department that either live, work or attend school within the City of Grand Forks. Of these 111, there are 13 currently assigned a risk level of HIGH.  The rest are classified as MODERATE or LOW risk, or have not been assigned a risk level.

Level III (High Risk) offenders are contacted at least every 30 days to verify their status and, upon initial registration or the assignment of a risk level, a public notification is held as appropriate.  Information about these and other registered offenders is available through specific 

request to the Grand Forks Police Department, although certain information regarding juvenile offenders is subject to restriction.

Conviction information about Level III offenders may be found at the North Dakota Attorney General’s website: which contains lists of all registered offenders in North Dakota.

If members of the public have questions regarding this program, or have information pertaining to any unregistered offenders, they are encouraged to contact Corporal Jon Lampi at the Grand Forks Police Department Specialized Resource Bureau at 701-787-8082, or via e-mail at       

Article provided by The Grand Forks Police Department