Horace Mann-Roosevelt Elementary to Participate in Walk-A-Thon


The students at Horace Mann-Roosevelt Elementary are getting in their steps to raise funds for school organizations – but they have an ulterior motive…see their principal kiss a pig!

On Tuesday, April 30, 333 kindergarten through fifth grade students at Horace Mann-Roosevelt Elementary Schools will tie their sneakers extra tight to get in steps to raise a goal of more than $10,000. Students have collected pledges from family and friends to participate in the designated course outside at Horace Mann Elementary at the appointed time for their grade level.

Starting at 5:30 p.m., kindergarten students will start the Walk-A-Thon followed by first through fifth graders. Each grade will walk for 20 minutes following a course around the Horace Mann campus. As students walk, they will come across areas of encouragement including bubbles, words of affirmation written on the side walk with chalk, and peers cheering them on. In case of rain, students will follow the schedule and hold a dance party.

The idea to kiss a pig if the goal is achieved originated during a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting when the principal of Horace Mann-Roosevelt, Leandra Ostrom, decided her students could use an incentive to reach their goal. All funds raised during the Walk-A-Thon will go toward PTA initiatives, Family Fun Night, and Scholastic Activity funds.

If the $10,000 goal is achieved, Horace Mann-Roosevelt Elementary Principal Leandra Ostrom will kiss a pig. The date to kiss the pig has not yet been scheduled.