Minnesota Special Session to Be Held


By proclamation, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has called for a special session of the Minnesota Legislature, which is set to begin today at 10 a.m. at the State Capitol in St. Paul.

The agreement for the special session was released yesterday.

It calls for activity to be confined to the following: omnibus bills for legacy funds, environment and Legislative Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources, E-12 education, state government, health and human services, tax, transportation, jobs and economic development, judiciary, public safety, corrections, agriculture, housing, rural development and pensions. In addition, the activity will include the revisor’s bill and bonding bill.

Finalized bills will be conveyed to the  House and Senate today and must be voted upon or passed by 7 a.m. tomorrow, the deadline for adjournment of the first special session.

The House and Senate must also declare an urgency under Article 4, Section 19 of the Minnesota Constitution. Also, Senate Rule 2 and House Rule 1.04, requiring three readings of a bill on three separate days, would prevent passage of the bills by the deadline.