Downtown Community Partnership Begins Search for New President and CEO

(Fargo, ND) -- The Downtown Community Partnership Board of Directors has announced it will immediately begin a search for the organization’s next leader, who will continue the DCP’s momentum in raising the vibrancy and vitality of Downtown Fargo.

Shelly Gompf will serve as interim CEO, seamlessly leading efforts in the search for a new president and CEO, as well as Street Fair preparation and coordination. The announcement follows the departure of president and CEO Melissa Brandt after three and half years of service to the DCP.

“The Downtown Community Partnership’s mission is to strengthen the civic partnerships we’ve built to make downtown Fargo a thriving destination, while providing stability and future growth opportunities for the businesses that make up the area,” said Downtown Community Partnership Board of Directors Chair Adrienne Olson. “We look to the future with a renewed sense of urgency to introduce new leadership that will build upon the strong foundation in place and increase positive impacts going forward. Shelly brings experience in executive recruitment and placement and we’re eager to have her leading our assessment of future leadership needs.”

DCP will continue to focus on fostering partnerships with members and investors in order to provide small businesses with the tools they need to sustain and build community support and relationships.

“As a Board, we are grateful for strong leadership that has led DCP stakeholders through the launch of new strategic and operations plans that represent a turning point in the DCP’s evolution,” Olson said. “We look for new and exciting initiatives that will benefit downtown area businesses.”

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