The City of Fargo to Host Significant COVID-19 Briefing With Health Care System Leaders and Elected Officials

(Fargo, ND) -- The City of Fargo will host a virtual COVID-19 public briefing with health care system leaders and elected officials on Friday, September 24th at 12 noon.

Speakers at the briefing will include:

  • Doug Griffin, MD, Vice President and Medical Officer - Sanford Fargo
  • Richard Vetter, MD, Chief Medical Officer - Essentia Health
  • Tracie Newman, MD, Pediatrician and Health Officer - Fargo Cass Public Health
  • Nicole Christensen, Chief Nursing Officer - Essentia Health
  • Brittany Sachdeva, Vice President of Operations - Sanford Health
  • Dr. Tim Mahoney, Mayor – The City of Fargo
  • Bernie Dardis, Commission President – City of West Fargo
  • Chad Peterson, Commission Chairman – Cass County
  • Desi Fleming, Public Health Director - Fargo Cass Public Health


The topics to be discussed will include critical hospital capacities, staffing shortages, monoclonal antibody rationing and an urgent appeal for area residents to utilize mitigation strategies (including vaccinations and masking in indoor spaces).

The briefing will be streamed live on City of Fargo’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and broadcast via the City's tv website and Fargo Access Channel 56.