Fargo Police Chief: "It's been a really fast and enjoyable year."

Photo by City of Fargo
Photo by City of Fargo

Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski reviewed his first year on the job during a presentation to the City Commission Monday night.

"It's been a really fast and enjoyable first year and I'm extremely elated to be the Chief of the Fargo Police Department.  We got a lot accomplished this year," said Zibolski during his presentation to the commissioners. The major areas of focus in the Chief's presentation included trust and accountability, inclusion and training.

Zibolski cited improvements including the posting of updated department policies on the department's web site, the introduction of body-worn cameras, and an "enhanced footprint" downtown. The chief also talked about efforts aimed at improving relationships with the community.

"Even though we have been restricted somewhat by Covid we've managed to get out wether virtually or more in person now and meet a lot of the different folks in different neighborhoods and different community groups in the city," said Zibolski.