West Fargo's Elmwood Park is being renovated, but not into condos

Photo by: West Fargo Parks District
Photo by: West Fargo Parks District

(West Fargo, ND) -- Changes are coming to West Fargo's Elmwood Park, but they aren't exactly what you may have heard.

 Park District Executive Director Barb  told WDAY's The Jay Thomas Show that a few acres of the land did have a buyer, and that there was at one point a possibility for a piece of the park to be converted to a residential area, but those plans fell through.

"We ended up not getting the rezoning," said Erbstoesser. "So where we're at today is developing the land into the park, and make a positive out of it. We know the people love their parks in West Fargo."

As far as what could be added to the park, which already sees waves of families and people on a daily basis for fun activities and sledding this time of year, that is still to be determined. Erbstoesser says the Park District hopes to have more answers and direction on what will be put in place after the buildings in the area that was for sale are torn down in the coming months.