Caution urged on gravel roads in Cass County

Photo:  Cass County Sheriff's Office
Photo: Cass County Sheriff's Office

CASS COUNTY, ND  – The Cass County Sheriff’s Office, the Cass County Road Department and Cass County Emergency Manager, are urging caution while traveling on rural roads in the county.  Quite a few township roads have water over the top of them and most gravel roads have become difficult to travel on because of saturated soils and the thaw cycle. 

Roads that are currently impacted are:

County Road 16 / 138th Ave SE

County Road 32 / 146th Ave SE

County Road 6 / 150th Ave SE

County Road 1 / 23rd St SE

County Road 1 / 17th St SE

County Road 15 / 164th Ave SE, which is the designated by-pass for CR 15 – no travel is advised west of the intersection. 

More problem areas are expected to arise, so you're asked to use extreme caution if you're traveling on them.  The Sheriff's Office says also be wary as water-filled ditches could be hazardous if a driver loses control and enters the ditch.

No blacktop surfaces are reported at this time.