Fargo parent voices criticisms of all ages drag show

Courtesy: Let Parents Decide That
Courtesy: Let Parents Decide That

(Fargo, ND) -- A Fargo parent is sharing criticisms of the "Oh My Gourd, It's Fall" all ages drag show that occurred in the Fargo Elk's Lodge parking lot on Saturday. 

Cassie Schmidt is a co-founder of "Let Parents Decide That." She is urging parents to reconsider attending drag shows advertising towards minors, calling the event "inappropriate for kids."

"We don't bring kids into bars, that is inappropriate. We don't need kids seeing that kind of behavior, "said Schmidt, speaking against the Saturday drag show, "As an adult, if that is something you want to partake in and you enjoy that kind of performance, I think that's fine... but when it comes to children, children need to be protected. We have got to, again, teach our children how to live in truth and how to make healthy decisions for themselves and their bodies."

Schmidt says there are things "we have deemed as a society are inappropriate for children", citing bars and strip clubs. She says she won't be bringing her children to events like "Oh My Gourd, It's Fall" in the future, and encourages other parents to do the same.

"I really think it is important for families to understand that transgenderism and gender dysphoria - these are mental illnesses, "said Schmidt, " I think we need to be really- really clear what our boundaries are as parents, and how we show love, and how we teach what love is to our kids, and how to be kind to others without promoting things that are unhealthy."

Schmidt says the comments are not made in hate, but in love. She says "Truth is love", and encourages more parents to adopt the same mindset, and states there are many other ways to promote kindness and acceptance without introducing "inappropriate" ideas to children. 

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Monday, September 12, 2022