Alerus Center GM responds to concertgoer's complaints about "ridiculous" lines for beer and bathrooms

(Fargo, ND) -- The Alerus Center in Grand Forks is responding to a concertgoer who has several complaints about her experience at the Chris Stapleton concert. Fargo resident Katy Moore shared her complaints with WDAY News First. Moore's complaints include what she describes as not enough places to purchase drinks and unacceptably long lines to use bathrooms.    

"So as far as amenities in total, The Alerus Center always has between 50 and 70 points-of-sale for beer and alcohol. At Chris Stapleton specifically we had nearly 70," said General Manager Anna Rosburg. 

Rosburg says internal guest service surveys from the Chris Stapleton concert show a "vast majority of their guests "had a great experience". 

Moore said the line to purchase beer at the at the beer garden on the ground level was so long that people in line were forced to miss significant parts of the performance.

"The line itself was snaked so far around, of people trying to buy beer, that it was like you were going to miss the entire show if you stood in this line," said Moore. 

Moore described the lines as "ridiculous". 

You can hear Rosburg's full response to Moore's complaints in the podcast interview posted above. The full interview with Moore can be found at the link below,. 


Original Air Date: 
Monday, October 17, 2022