Moorhead mayor hopes city keeps businesses forced out of mall by downtown redevelopment project

(Fargo, ND) -- The mayor of Moorhead says she hopes to keep businesses in the city that will soon be forced out of their current locations at the Moorhead Center Mall, because of a massive downtown redevelopment project now in the planning stages.

"it's definitely challenging though I will say that, but I do hope that every single one of them are able to find a location within the downtown area," said Shelly Carlson. 

Carlson says the city is offering relocation assistance to business owners at the mall, which is set for demolition sometime in 2023. That will clear the way for new commercial and residential development. Carslon says ultimately it comes down to business owners determining what works best for them. 

The mayor says the timeline for the project is not quite set yet. Carlson says she and other city officials want downtown development to proceed carefully and deliberately, and says they have "only one chance to do it right". 

"I do think though once the development has happened there will be a lot of different opportunities for those businesses to locate again in downtown Moorhead and for new businesses to come to our community," said Carlson

The plan includes a new library and community center paid for by a temporary hike in the sales tax recently approved by voters.

Carlson appeared on WDAY Mid Day, speaking with WDAY News Director Kyle Cornell.   


Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, December 21, 2022