Nationwide "NOTAM" system outage impacts flight operations at Fargo's Hector International Airport

(Fargo, ND) -- The nationwide network outage that grounded flights around the country Wednesday morning also impacted flights at Fargo's Hector International Airport. 

"This morning I think we had about seven commercial flights that were delayed with passengers departing to Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and so forth, and of course they missed connections and had to rebuild connections for them," said Shawn Dobberstein, Executive Director of the Fargo Airport Authority. 

Dobberstein also says upwards of 30 private flights were delayed at the airport as well, including some cargo operators. Flights were halted at around 6:00 am locally and were allowed to resume two hours later. Dobberstein says the system that reportedly went down was a computer network used by pilots to get updated information on conditions at airports they are flying to. The system is called "NOTAM", which stands for "Notice to Air Missions". 

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, January 11, 2023