Promoted North Dakota Highway Patrol Sergeant welcomes remaining in Jamestown office while handling new duties

Image by North Dakota Highway Patrol
Image by North Dakota Highway Patrol

(Fargo, ND) -- A North Dakota Highway patrol Trooper in the Jamestown office has just been promoted to Sergeant.

"Thinking back on my career you know, one of the great opportunities here in law enforcement is it can be for anyone," said Sergeant Nathaniel King.

King graduated from the Highway Patrol Academy in February, 2014, and has been serving as a trooper out of the Jamestown office since that time. King says he is glad the promotion will allow him to remain in the Jamestown office. Much of his daily responsibilities will continue to focus on traffic enforcement. The promotion process includes taking questions from an interview board and completing an in-depth written evaluation.  

The Sergeant says he will remain focused on what he calls the biggest problem on area roadways. 

"You know we talk about the key points speed, speed being a key factor in a lot of the crashes we investigate, especially during the winter months when you have hazardous road conditions," said King. 

Original Air Date: 
Monday, February 6, 2023