Summit Carbon Solutions reports progress in signing easement agreements while lawmakers consider bills blocking use of eminent domain

(Fargo, ND) -- Summit Carbon Solutions is making progress in signing easement agreements with landowners clearing the way for their planned underground CO2 pipeline. 

"So in essence what the easement gives us is the right to construct and then operate a pipeline through the landowner's property," said company Executive Vice President Wade Boeshans.   

Boeshans says the company has signed easement deals with landowners covering more than 60 percent of the footprint for the roughly 2 thousand miles of pipeline for the project. The project spans five states including North Dakota and Minnesota. The pipes would carry liquid carbon waste to an underground storage site near Bismarck. 

Meanwhile, bills are being considered by lawmakers in North Dakota and South Dakota that would prevent Summit Carbon Solutions from using eminent domain to complete the project.

North Dakota republican State Senator Jeff Magram is sponsoring eight bills addressing issues related to carbon dioxide pipelines and eminent domain.   

Original Air Date: 
Thursday, February 9, 2023