Representative Roers Jones responds after AG Wrigley accuses house committee of "gutting" his crime bill

(Fargo, ND) -- Representative Shannon Roers Jones is defending her vote on the House Judiciary Committee, after Attorney General Drew Wrigley criticized her and other members for "gutting" his crime bill. 

"The challenge with minimum mandatory minimum sentences is in some instances, you're kind of charging a crime on top of a crime, but more than anything it takes away the judge's discretion to weigh the situation," said Roers Jones.  

The judiciary committee amended SB 2107 last week, by eliminating minimum mandatory sentences for violent crimes in which guns are used, and eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for offenses against police officers. 

Wrigley calls the argument pertaining to double jeopardy "ridiculous" and unable to "withstand constitutional scrutiny". 

"There was some concern amongst the committee, that you know, why are we making it a much higher crime level when someone is using a gun versus other weapons. That was part of the conversation that I did hear in the committee," said Roers Jones. 

The entire interview with Representative Roers Jones can be heard using the audio link above. 

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, April 5, 2023