Latest flood update: 10 percent chance Red River crests at 38 feet; volunteers wanted for sandbagging

(Fargo, ND) -- The mayor of Fargo and Cass County officials today giving an update on efforts to prepare for flooding along the Red River.  

"I think we've had some wonderful news happen over the last several days when Easter came, the sun came out, everybody was happy. What happened with that was some melting, well that's great, but guess what's happening, we're going to have a flood again this spring," said Tim Mahoney. 

Mahoney and other officials say sandbagging will begin Tuesday at the Cass County Highway Department, where they are asking for volunteers to help. 

They're planning on filling 200 thousand sandbags to help with flood mitigation efforts. 

Currently there's a 50 percent chance the river crests at 34 feet and a ten percent chance it rises to 38 feet, based on information from the National Weather Service.

County crews are currently planning on lining sandbags along a stretch of the river running up to six miles. 

Mahoney and other officials say chances are the flood could be a top 10 or even top 5 flooding event compared to prior years, though at this point, they say flooding won't reach catastrophic levels.

Residents living along the Rush River in rural Cass County are being warned about the potential of significant flooding as well, and are encouraged not to hesitate to contact county officials for help. 

Use the link below for the Cass County website to ask for help, to volunteer to help with filling sandbags, and to access the latest on river levels and flooding information. 

Also check out MetroFlood2023 for more information and resources.