Fargo chiropractor launching true crime podcast "The Footsteps in the Dark"

(Fargo, ND) -- A Fargo chiropractor is taking on a 30-year-old cold case in his new true crime podcast "The Footsteps in the Dark". 

"I"ve been a true crime guy most of my life. I spent the better part of a decade looking into the Kennedy Assassination. It kind of started as a fascination maybe when I was a teenager," said Dr. Chad Zimmerman.

Zimmerman says he first learned about the murder of 19-year-old coed Tammy Haas, two years ago while stopped at a gas station in Vermillion, South Dakota. 

Since that time, he has interviewed friends and family members to learn more about the college student and circumstances surrounding her murder. 

Zimmerman says the nine-episode series answers many questions about the case and says he has uncovered a "major crack in the case". 

Episode 1 releases Friday and will be available on all major platforms.

Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, April 11, 2023