West Fargo Fire Department releases annual report for 2022

Photo by: West Fargo Fire Department
Photo by: West Fargo Fire Department

(West Fargo, ND) -- The West Fargo Fire Department has released the 2022 Annual Report.

The report, which covers the department’s accomplishments, statistics and state of the department, displays the department’s continued success in meeting the needs of the community.

The department responded to 2,842 calls for service in 2022, 67.7 calls per 10,000 residents. Of those, the department responded to 321 instances of two or more calls at once. This represents the continued demand for an all-hazards fire department, including emergency medical services.

“Our department has saved $103,371,504 with only a .86% fire loss throughout the year,” said Fire Chief Dan Fuller in a statement released to WDAY Radio. “We are excited to expand our capacity and risk reduction efforts with the addition of our new headquarters station in 2023.”

The community risk reduction program continued to evolve and reached 2,193 citizens at public events. A new Community Health Alliance program launched aimed at connecting residents to the right resources at the right time to support their immediate medical support needs.

The West Fargo Fire Department continued to grow with an approved 14 additional employees in the 2023 budget and retained one of the highest percentage of female firefighters in the workforce across fire departments in the region.

"The department maintains a highly skilled, determined, and capable workforce," said Chief Fuller. "Through rigorous entry testing and high-level performance measurement, the fire company remains ready with an all-hazards mindset. From routine fire and medical calls, to natural disasters, pandemics, and terrorist incidents, the fire department is the front line of response for the community."

The West Fargo Fire Department’s 2022 Annual Report can be viewed by clicking here.