Wildfires blamed for negative ranking for Fargo's air quality

(Fargo, ND) -- A new report from the American Lung Association brings bad news for Fargo when it comes to air quality. 

Wildfires elsewhere are getting the blame. 

"Unfortunately this year, you know we really recorded a number of days particularly in 2021 where the air quality was at high elevated unhealthy levels of air pollution," said  Jon Hunter, the association's Senior Director of Health Promotions.

Hunter says Fargo has been knocked off the list of year-round "cleanest cities" and onto the top 25 list of most polluted cities for short term particle pollution.

The study focused on the years 2019 through 2021.

Bismark maintained its presence on the top 25 cleanest cities for annual particle pollution, but it too received a failing grade for short-term particle pollution. 

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, April 19, 2023