West Fargo city officials seeking residents to help build "Downtown Master Plan"

Courtesy: City of West Fargo
Courtesy: City of West Fargo

(West Fargo, ND) -- West Fargo City Officials are asking for members of the public to assist with the planning of the downtown area's future. 

Three committees are being commissioned to move forward with the project; The Steering Committee, The Business Focus Group, and the Community Focus Group. These three groups's goals are aligned with the purpose of representing different communities across the city while moving forward with construction plans and projects within the downtown corridor. 

Generally speaking, The Steering Committee will be involved throughout the entire planning process, and will consist of 10-12 individuals from a wide a variety of backgrounds. The Business and Community Focus Groups are expected to provide feedback on proposed elements given to them by the city. This includes issues like economic development, parking, place making, and other important topics regarding the downtown area. These groups are expected to meet in the summer and fall several times. 

Members of the public can submit input and apply for the individual committees by clicking here