Clay County Sheriff's Office seeing strong numbers in employment, staffing

Photo by: Clay County Sheriff's Office
Photo by: Clay County Sheriff's Office

(Moorhead, MN) -- Things are looking strong when it comes to staffing and employment levels over at the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

That according to Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting, who stopped by WDAY Midday to talk about several topics, including where his department sits when it comes to actual staff numbers.

"Right now, we're only two down in the Clay County Jail," said Empting. "At one point here recently we were down almost 13 spots, but we've been able to fill a lot of those roles due to an incentive-based hiring process."

Sheriff Empting notes that the process includes current employees referring new potential ones for the jail. He says law enforcement has to get 'creative' in bringing more potential candidates on.

As for staff in the field, there is also some good news.

"As far as in the field, we're still only down one position there," said Empting. "That job has been open for some time, and we hope to fill it soon, but are happy there is only one opening where others have struggled."

This comes off a recent report that several dozen police departments in Minnesota have had to close down due to dwindling numbers for officers and people getting into law enforcement.

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