Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner: fleeing suspects hitting 90 MPH on 13th Ave S.

(Fargo, ND) -- Crime suspects in cars fleeing law enforcement is a problem that is not going away according to Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner. 

"I tell you what when we're talking about fleeing, some of these people are, when they're fleeing from us, there is a total disregard for any type of safety. I mean some of the ones that I've been involved in you've got people going up to 90, 90-plus miles an hour on 13th Avenue South," said Jahner. 

Since the start of the year in the City of Fargo alone, there are 57 reported incidents of suspects driving away from law enforcement officers attempting to pull them over. 

Jahner appeared on the Jay Thomas Show on WDAY AM 970.