Fargo Cass Public Health releases results of Alcohol Compliance Checks

Courtesy: Fargo Cass Public Health
Courtesy: Fargo Cass Public Health

(West Fargo, ND) -- Fargo Cass Public Health is publishing the results of their most recent round of Alcohol Compliance Checks.

The results of the West Fargo survey show 11 businesses and ten passed. Only one business, Oasis Restaurant and Bar on 3147 Bluestem Drive, not passing the compliance check. Fargo Cass Public Health says the compliance checks are used to ensure businesses are not selling alcohol to minors. This is Oasis Restaurant and Bar's first fail in one year.

Penalties in West Fargo for violations include...

  • First violation - subjects licensee to a written warning and a 12-month Probationary Period.
  • Second violation within the Probationary Period - subjects licensee to a $250 administrative fine.
  • Third violation within the Probationary Period - subjects licensee to a $500 administrative fine and a 3-day suspension of the license.
  • Subsequent violations within the Probationary Period - subject licensee to a 30-day license suspension.

The results of Fargo's Alcohol Compliance checks show similar results. A total of 30 businesses were checked with 26 receiving a passing grade. Businesses that failed their checks include Twin Peaks - 1515 42nd Street South (1st Fail in one year), Samurai Japanese Cuisine - 1775 45th Street South Suite B (First fail in one year), Fargo HuHot Mongolian Grill - 1802 45th Street South Unit J (First fail in one year), and Rhombus Guys - 606 Main Avenue (First fail in one year). 

Penalties for Fargo violations include...

  • First offense - $500 penalty.
  • Second offense - $750 penalty.
  • Third offense - $1,000 penalty - for Class "AB", "A" and "B" license holders, one day suspension of license (liquor sales only) with the date selected by licensee within thirty (30) days of either occurrence of the offense or final decision upon appeal. For all other classes of liquor licenses, two days suspension of liquor sales only.

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