West Fargo citizen's group pushes for answers from city hall: "we are paying your salary"

(Fargo, ND) -- Some West Fargo residents have formed a group that is pushing for answers following the recent departure of several city department heads and firings of staffers.  

"That is what we are looking for, a little bit of transparency. What is going on here? You can't keep us in the dark all the time. We are paying your salary so to speak. We elected you. You're responsible to us. In a round about way, we are your boss," said Steve Marquart.   

Marquart is President of West Fargoans for Transparency, Accountability and Professionalism in City Government. 

The city recently saw the departures of City Manager Tina Fisk, and the heads of HR, Communications, and IT. 

Also, three members of the city finance department were recently fired. 

Mayor Bernie Dardis has not yet responded to an interview request from WDAY Radio Now. 

Marquart appeared on the Jay Thomas Show on WDAY AM 970. 

Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, April 25, 2023