Fargo's recycling director says hot tubs are a no go for annual cleanup week

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo's recycling director is talking about some of the more unusual items homeowners set out curbside for pickup during cleanup week, which is happening now. 

"Well, things like hot tubs are fairly difficult to deal with, just because of their size. Cleanup week is not really meant for something like that. We can figure it out but it proves to be difficult. said Jen Pickett.

Pickett says cleanup week runs through this week, and then again next week, May 8th through the 12th. 

Like last year, the city is following the normal recycling collection schedule. 

This week is "B" week, or the green weeks on the collection calendar. 

Next week is the "A" week, or the white weeks on the citizen calendar. 

Find more information is available on the city's website.