Parent advocate on Fargo Public Schools transgender policy: "it's really frightening to me"

(Fargo, ND) -- The head of a local parents group says she is saddened by the announcement that Fargo Public Schools won't follow new state laws related to transgender students.

"its' really frightening to me that what they're doing in their rhetoric is they are making it seem like any parent who parents in a way differently than they would prescribe is abusive," said Cassie Schmidt, founder of the group "Let Parents Decide That". 
Schmidt says district officials want to "get themselves between the student and the parent". 

Superintendent Dr. Rupak Gahndi announced this week the district would not comply with a law that requires teachers and administrations to not withhold information from parents regarding how their child self-identifies while at school. 

Rupak says following the new state law could harm transgender students and asserts the state law conflicts with federal law.