Horace City Council Member Stephanie Landstrom stands by tax abatement vote that has led to recall attempt

(Fargo, ND) -- Horace City Council Member Stephanie Landstrom is talking about why she believes she is being recalled.

"I'm being recalled pretty clearly because of one policy decision I made back in January, actually only being in office for six months, not to renew a new home tax abatement," said Landstrom.  

Landstrom says she stands by her vote on eliminating the new home tax abatement program, saying it was no longer needed to stimulate growth and new home construction in the city.

"With the vote we were simply having new residents pay the same share as the current residents pay for the same services from the start. It was never meant to be a punishment to anyone and in fact it could help put all of our residents by capturing the tax dollars that we were missing from the abatement," said the council member.  

Landstrom says doing away with abatements will allow taxing entities, over the term of the abatement, to collect $1.1 million in tax revenue needed to help fund city operations.

The recall election is set for August 15th.  

Original Air Date: 
Thursday, May 18, 2023