Speakers voice support and opposition of Fargo School Board's decision to not follow newly passed state legislation that impacts transgender youth

Courtesy: Fargo Public Schools
Courtesy: Fargo Public Schools

(Fargo, ND) -- The debate over the Fargo Public School Board's stance on the state's new transgender laws continues.

The school board held a meeting yesterday, and eighteen speakers signed up to discuss the board's previous decision to Superintendent Dr. Rupak Gandhi's guidance to follow federal instead of newly passed state laws. The laws, passed during North Dakota's latest legislative session, would require parents to be told about a student's pronoun usage if they differ from their biological sex and ban student usage of bathrooms that don't align with their gender identities. Eighteen speakers signed up to address the board, with members both in support and opposition of the decision by the bord.

"One of your teachers may see our child one to two hours per day, five days per week, three to four years - tops. These children live with us for the other 2/3rds of their day when they are not in school; We have done this every day since they were born. You automatically think to know more about our children than we do, "said one parent who spoke at the meeting.

"These cruel and dangerous laws prevent transgender children from using appropriate bathrooms, ban the use of the student's preferred gender pronoun, and require students to be outed, "said a second parent. "These new laws attack the lives of children and use them as political collateral. Allowing such harm in our school would be a violation of the most fundamental responsibilities of educators and adults."

You can watch the May 23rd school board meeting by clicking the video below. You can watch our original coverage that began on May 10th by clicking here