City officials launch "soft approach" for Windbreak resolution and announces Green Dot training for local bars and restaurants

Steve Sprague | Courtesy: City of Fargo
Steve Sprague | Courtesy: City of Fargo

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo's "soft approach" to enforcing Windbreak violations and Green Dot training are moving forward following a meeting between city officials.

Efforts to cut down on underage drinking and other issues at The Windbreak in Fargo are underway. The City's Liquor Control board says cooperation with Windbreak owners has led them to approach the improvement plan with a "soft approach". According to board members, the bar agreed to use I.D. scanners while verifying age of patrons, maintain their camera system, allow Fargo Police to request and view the footage without needing to file a subpoena. 

"My personal feeling, I would much rather help guide a business than come down really hard on them, "said Steve Sprague, Fargo's City Auditor, when introducing the agenda item to the commission.

Also at the meeting, the board is announcing a City sponsored Green Dot training event for local restaurants, bars, and businesses. Green Dot training is sponsored and conducted by the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, and has the goal of training people in seeing signs of abuse, trauma, and give instructions on how to interrupt potentially violent or high-risk situations. 

The Green Dot Training events are happening four times this summer, free of charge, at Fargo Cass Public Health's Oak Room located at 1240 25th St S, Fargo. Sessions are scheduled between 2:00 and 3:30 p.m for each of the days listed below. 

  • July 19th, Wednesday
  • August 15th, Tuesday,
  • September 20th, Wednesday,
  • October 26th, Thursday

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