Department of Health & Human Services Terminates Medicare and Medicaid Program at Moorhead Restorative Care Center

FARGO (WDAY) - The Moorhead Restorative Care Center has been given notice that their affiliation with the Medicare program will be terminated.

In a document obtained by WDAY News, the notice indicates that as of June 20, 2023 the agreement between the Secretary of Health and Human Services and Moorhead Restorative Care Center as a skilled nursing facility in the Medicare program will be terminated. In addition, the facilities agreement as a nursing facility in the Medicaid program will be terminated on June 20.

The document indicates that The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has determined that Moorhead Restorative Care Center has failed to attain substantial compliance with a number of Medicare and Medicaid participation requirements including safe/clean/comfortable/homelike Environment, Discharge Planning Process, Free of Accident Hazards/supervision/devises and others.

"The Medicare program will not make payment for skilled nursing facility services furnished to residents admitted to the facility on or after June 10, 2023," the document says.

From October 28, 2014 to June 16, 2022 Moorhead Restorative Care Center has received at least 10 separate written deficiencies, where state nursing home surveyors found that the facility caused "Immediate Jeopardy" to residents. On April 8, 2022 and June 16, 2022, state nursing home surveyors found that Moorhead Restorative Care Center caused "Actual Harm" to residents. In 34 separate written deficiencies, state nursing home surveyors found that Moorhead Restoarative Care Center caused "Actual Harm" to residents from October 21, 2011 to June 16, 2022. In one instance, the facility failed to provide basic life support, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in accordance with resident wishes and physician orders.

WDAY News will continue to follow this story as more information becomes available.