Officer Mike Clower, we salute you!

Officer Mike Clower is a native of Fargo and is a graduate of Shanley High School. Officer Clower also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from North Dakota State University as well as a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University.
Clower graduated from the Lake Region State College Law Enforcement program.

Since joining the Fargo Police Department in 2002, Officer Clower has had primary assignments as a School Resource Officer and Truck Regulatory Officer.
As an SRO for eight years, he was the first SRO in the nation to be recognized by the National Highway Safety Foundation for traffic safety programs on school grounds; he was part of the SRO team recognized as the nation's Model Program by the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO); he was the first Fargo Police Officer to achieve NASRO Practitioner status; and he designed and implemented an SRO program in local private high schools.
In 2009, Officer Clower presented Project 7th Grade, which provided free urine test kits to parents to help empower them at home.

Clower's secondary assignments have included the Honor Guard, Bike Officer, Server Training Instructor, Crisis Intervention Training, and Training Instructor.

Thank you Officer Clower for helping keep our community safe & sound!