Fargo city officials and fire department leaders break ground for new station

Image captured via social media livestream
Image captured via social media livestream

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo city officials and top brass from the fire department broke ground Tuesday for the city's newest fire station.

"We are going to have a functional building that's going to serve our community well into the future. So by building this station we're going to decrease our response times in this area called Planning Zone 8. This will result in better service to all of the citizens that live here in this area," said Fire Chief Steve Dirksen.   

Dirksen was among those handling shovels and celebrating the beginning of construction in the 6600 block of 33rd Street South. 

Fire Station 8 will serve the area south of Rose Creek Coulee between the Red River and 42nd Street. 

The goal is to open the station in the spring of 2024. 

An $8.1 million bond will help pay for the new facility.