Bushel CEO Joraanstad reports "significant progress" in becoming biggest software company serving agriculture market

(Fargo, ND) -- The CEO of Fargo-based Bushel says the company is aiming to become the biggest software company ever to serve the agriculture market.

"Every year it feels like we've got five more years, every time we think about it. We're making good progress. We have just under 200 people on the team today. We've raised a lot of capital over the years from some pretty incredible investors around the United States. Honestly, we have made significant progress. We have over 110,000 farms that use our tools," said Jake Joraanstad

Joraanstad talked about this company's progress while appearing on The Flag's "What's on Your Mind". 

The CEO is the featured speaker at this year's TEDxFargo event, which is set for July 20th at the Fargo Civic Center. 

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, July 5, 2023