K-9 Labby joins comfort dog and School Resource Officer team in West Fargo

K-9 Labby | Courtesy: West Fargo Police Department
K-9 Labby | Courtesy: West Fargo Police Department

(West Fargo, ND) -- The West Fargo Police Department is welcoming another four-legged friend to the team through a donation from a local business.

Labby's Grill and Bar is partnering with the city's police department and West Fargo Public Schools to bring K-9 Labby to the district. Labby will work with her handler, SRO Dora Roll, to be a trained comfort dog and a part of the School Resource Officer team.

“We have seen firsthand the positive benefits that a comfort dog has had for our residents and students,” said West Fargo Police Chief Denis Otterness. “K-9 Labby will enhance our ability to help even more students and community members struggling with mental health or other concerns.”

K-9 Labby is a hypoallergenic Goldendoodle who will largely serve Southside elementary school, but will rotate to other schools within the district as needed. K-9 Labby is the second comfort dog to join the West Fargo Police Department and participate in the school system. 

“We are excited to welcome our second comfort dog to West Fargo Public Schools,” said Dr. Rachael Agre, Elementary Assistant Superintendent. “Bella and SRO Pearson have provided support in various situations throughout the district this year and have brought calm, comfort, and many smiles. Labby will be paired with SRO Roll, and we look forward to meeting her and introducing her to our learners and staff as they return in the fall.”