Authorities release new information about Mohamad Barakat

(FARGO) – More information has now been released about the 37-year-old shooter in last Friday’s fatal shooting, identified as Mohamad Barakat. Attorney General Drew Wrigley released the new information at a press conference on Friday at Fargo City Hall, with Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski, US Attorney Mac Schneider and other law enforcement present.

Barakat, a Fargo resident, is a Syrian national, who came to the United States out of asylum in 2012. He became a United States citizen in 2019.

According to Wrigley, Barakat worked odd jobs throughout the area.

Wrigley said Barakat has family in the United States, but they are not located in the region. He did say, however, that Barakat was not in close communication with his family members.

Earlier indications were that Barakat had ties to the Muslim community. On Friday, Wrigley said Barakat had no ties to the Muslim community, and that “Barakat’s faith is no more notable than my Lutheran faith.”

Authorities said there was a Quran located at Barakat’s home.

His acquaintances and friendships are currently being evaluated by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation.