Criminologist: Guardian reports feature information related to "terrorism nexus"

Image by WDAY Radio Now - Tom Tucker
Image by WDAY Radio Now - Tom Tucker

(Fargo, ND) -- A criminology professor is sharing information about "guardian reports" after it was revealed the gunman who opened fire on Fargo police officers was listed in in one of the reports.

"The important thing to know about the Guardian system is that it is specifically related to terrorism. So something that doesn't really get into that system unless there is a terrorism nexus or potential terrorism nexus, but it doesn't have to be an explicit threat," said former NDSU professor Dr. Jeff Bumgarner, who is now the Director of the School of Criminology at Texas State University. 

Bumgarner said in some cases, information that law enforcement officers enter into the system pertaining to something that seems suspicious can turn out to be entirely legitimate. 

One example he cited is the purchase of a large amount of fertilizer. 

Bumgarner appeared on The Steve Hallstrom Show on The Flag.